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Ghadiri, Habermacher, Peters
Springer 2012

The only complete introduction to neuroleadership taking the reader through its history, foundations and place in the business world. Rethinking the paradigm of neuroleadership and proposing the basic needs model at the heart of organisational and leadership success.
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Leading 100 Billion Neurons

A journey into the brain and how this impacts business and leadership.

Juicy information on various aspects of the brains functioning and its impact in the business world - giving a crises intervention model.
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Free article:
No head for decision making?

How the brain processes decisions - think you're rational? Think again!
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13 Business Brain Boosters

13 core constructs for the brain and business.

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Free paper:
Leading Brains in Turbulent Times

Turbulent times put the brain under stress - none of which is good for cognitive abilities and good balance long-term decision making.
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Free booklet:
65 Brain Facts

A list of some well known and lots of lesser known brain facts.

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Free paper:
Embodied Cognition and Computer Interfaces

Thinking of the brain we often tend to forget the embodied nature of our thought. This paper looks at embodied cognition but with reference to computer interfaces and some of the implications.
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The Fox Factor

Influence may not be so difficult after all if you are famous or perceived to be an expert. The famous case of the Dr Fox lecture provide the basis for stories on influence and deceit and the psychology and brain science behind them.