Andy Habermacher
The goal of leading brains is to spread knowledge about the brain to the world. To do this we will:
- Use the power of beautiful simplicity
- Draw on a wide variety of research
- Make it applicable

Our goal is to consolidate the knowledge of brain so that everyone and anyone can access the knowledge and use it on a daily basis.
Brain Leader - International Speaker on Neuroscience in Business, Executive Coach, Author, Father, Old-Age Sprinter, (ex)Rugby Player, Happy Person...

Andy's decades of experience in corporate environments, his research and his work in neuroscience have lead him to form leading brains - a platform where everyone can gain access to the knowledge of the brain and to form the leading brains academy.

This project will be growing in the upcoming months and years - exciting stuff. You can follow Andy on twitter here.

Andy's most recent book is "Neuroleadership".
Our vision is to see the world making better decisions and using their brains better to solve all forms of issues from parenting to education to large political questions.

We believe we have the knowledge to make the world a better place tomorrow - too much of this knowledge is inaccessible to the general public not to mention policy makers in government, business leaders, educationalists and the average person on the street.